Cost of Lap Band Surgery: How is it Affordable?

The cost of lap band surgery will vary from state to state or even in different countries. If you are searching for ways to afford the cost of lap band surgery, there may be some options you haven’t yet discovered, or are unsure or what would qualify you for the procedure. Here we will discuss the options available for this medical weight loss surgery.

Cost of Lap Band Surgery: financing your surgery

The cost of lap band surgery can be anywhere from 12,000$-30,000$ depending on what state you live in and the physician you choose. If you are uncertain as to whether or not you can afford the cost of lap band surgery, one of the options available through your bariatric surgeon is financing for the procedure. By financing your surgery you will be able to make monthly payments that may work with your income for you and your family. However, each physician’s requirements will vary but all will be based on your credit and income. If you are low income, it’s likely that you will not qualify for the financing.  cost of lap band surgery

Cost of Lap Band Surgery: help from your insurance company

These days more and more insurance companies are covering some or part of the cost of lap band surgery. You will need to speak with someone from your insurance to find out what requirements that will have in order for you to get your procedure approved.  The majority of insurance companies that do pay for the cost of lap band surgery will need written documentation from your physician that you have tried dieting and exercise to lose weight as well as other medical treatments. They will also require you to have at least one or two health issues that are related to your obesity, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Your doctor must find it medically necessary for you to receive the lap band procedure as well. Even with all the required documentation and other medical issues you may suffer from due to obesity, there is no guarantee that your insurance will approve you. You must wait a typical period of 4-6 weeks for your insurance to review your case and wait for them to approve or deny you. If they do end up denying you, your doctor may be able to help you appeal their decision.

Cost of Lap Band Surgery: medical tourism as a last resort

If your insurance will not approve you, and have denied your right to an appeal, you are unable to have the procedure based on financing and you have bad credit, you may be thinking about going out of the country in order to afford the cost of lap band surgery. This has become a popular trend for Americans to get more affordable medical treatments in other countries such as China, India and Mexico. While each country will have their own reputable surgeons, it’s difficult for Americans to know which physicians they can trust. The cost of lap band surgery in countries such as Mexico can save the individual anywhere from 50%-60%, but may not provide the quality care for the surgery and recovery that is required.   cost of lap band surgery