Cost of Lap Band Surgery: Seeking Medical Teatment

The cost of lap band surgery in other countries is only a fraction of what is charged here in America. In places like India, the cost of lap band surgery can run as low as 2,500$. The lowest price charged in America for this weight loss procedure was around 12,000$.  The low cost in other countries is what has Americans leaving the country in order to seek medical treatment that is more affordable. Here we will discuss the risks or partaking in the cost of lap band surgery in third world countries.

Cost of Lap Band Surgery: the risks involved

There can be complications with this surgery, regardless of where in the world you seek treatment. The most common complication being nausea and vomiting due to an inadequately adjusted band or while the patient adjusts to their smaller stomach they may eat too much too quickly, but this is fairly common. When a person seeks medical treatment in another country due to the cost of lap band surgery being cheaper, they are unable to view the medical facility where the procedure will take place until it’s time for surgery. People that are financially unable to afford treatment in America will go online seeking the cheapest price for the lap band procedure and are unaware of the medial conditions of the facilities or what their potential surgeons credentials are.  cost of lap band surgery

Cost of Lap Band Surgery: the results

A person can lose as much as 1-3 pounds a week for the first year after the lap band procedure is performed. The lap band procedure has over an 80% success rate, making it no real surprise the lengths people will go to in order to receive this surgery.

Obesity is one of the leading causes of death in America, right behind tobacco use, causing Americans to sit up and take notice and finding a better solution in weight loss surgeries than with diet and exercise. Insurance companies are very strict with their qualifications for the lap band procedure, wanting patients to have at least one other health issue due to their obesity, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. There also needs to be documentation from the patient’s doctor that the patient has tried losing weight with diet and exercise but has not been successful.

Many people also don’t realize it can take several weeks and even months to get approval for the procedure from their insurance companies.

Cost of Lap Band Surgery: is the low cost worth the risk?

Whether it’s due to individuals not wanting to wait for approval from their insurance companies and want to seek immediate medical treatment for their obesity or its’ due to the high cost of lap band surgery, medical tourism is on the rise with prices starting as low as 2,500 in some countries, even including the cost of airfare in what they refer to as their package deal for lap band surgeries. If you’re someone that is unable to afford the cost of lap band surgery and are considering going out of the country to have the procedure performed, it is in your best interest to find out as much as you can about the medical facility in which it will take place as well as the credentials for the surgeon.  cost of lap band surgery