How much does Lap Band Cost Overall?

People dealing with obesity that have been unsuccessful at losing weight with diet and exercise have turned to weight loss surgery as a way to get their lives back on track but helping them control the amount of food they eat.  The lap band works by a gastric band around the stomach that alters the size, creating a smaller food pouch at the top of the stomach. The success rate for this weight loss surgery is higher than 80% causing those seeking weight loss surgeries to wonder how much does lap band cost.

How much does Lap Band Cost with insurance?

The answer to how much does lap band cost with insurance, will depend on the type of insurance you have as well as where in America you live.  Your health insurance may pay for the whole surgery or part of it, or will ask for co-pay.  When a potential patient inquires about how much does  lap band cost, they should also find out any additional cost for follow-up appointments for adjustments made to the lap band, as well as how much recovery time is needed.  It’s also recommended that the individual interested in how much lap band surgery cost speaks with their insurance company directly to find out how they will qualify for the procedure. how much does lap band cost

How much does Lap Band Cost in other countries?

A new trend referred to as medical tourism has risen these last several years, due to prices for medical procedures being significantly cheaper in other countries. Places like Mexico will offer the lap band procedure at a minimum cost of 3,000 including room and board for you and your family while you recover. India also offers appealing deals, charging 9,000 for the procedure with room and board for you and your family, airfare, and transportation to and from the airport. The problem with this, is even though there may be legitimate surgeons in any of these countries, those that advertise how much does lap band cost have reputations for either not performing the actual procedure themselves or for doing a substandard surgery. Some surgeons in other countries are notorious for using different types of gastric bands other than the FDA approved lap band, unfortunately, if there if you become a victim of malpractice you will have no legal recourse to sue.

How much does Lap Band cost out of pocket?

If you are still interested in how much does lap band cost and are unable to pay for it with insurance, you can find out if you qualify for financing or apply for credit. When it comes to credit, you will need a minimum credit score of 650 in order to qualify for the cost of the lap band procedure. Financing may be available through the medical facility where you will be receiving the lap band procedure or through a private loan company. How much does lap band cost should also be discussed with your physician, making sure you know the full cost, including pre-op testing, lap band adjustments, anesthesia and the recommended time needed to spend in the hospital.  how much does lap band cost