How much does Lap Band Surgery cost in America?

Lap band surgery consists of an adjustable band that alters the anatomy of the stomach by reducing the amount of food intake. For those wondering “how much does the lap band surgery cost?” you should also consider the cost of adjustments made to your lap band and what changes to expect in the first year after surgery.

How much does Lap Band Surgery Cost with most insurance companies?

If you’re someone that’s curious in regards to how much does lap band surgery cost, you’ll first also need to know what the qualifications for the surgery are.  The qualifying ages for the lap band procedure must be between the ages of 18-55 with some exceptions.  An individual must also have a body mass index greater than 40. If you have a body mass index between 30 and 40 and have one pre-existing condition related to obesity, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, you might also qualify for the surgery. Insurance companies that will pay for part or all of the lap band procedure will also request documentation from the individual applying for the surgery that shows diet and exercise attempts were made as well as other medical treatments to help with weight loss.

how much does lap band surgery cost

How much does Lap Band Surgery cost?

The typical price range for lap band surgery in America is 17,000$-30,000$ depending on where in the country you live. It will also depend on the insurance you have, what percentage they are willing to pay and whether or not your doctor finds it medically necessary for you to undergo the procedure. It will typically take your insurance company a period of four to six weeks to approve or decline your insurance request for the lap band surgery.

How much does Lap Band Surgery Cost out of pocket?

If you want to know how much does lap band surgery cost if you have to pay out of pocket, the average is around 12,000. Because it is a tax write off and also due to the length of time it may take to get approval from insurance companies, more and more people are deciding to pay out of pocket for this procedure, either by financing through the medical facility that is going to perform the procedure, or by applying for a large amount of credit. Unfortunately, only those with a credit rating of 650 or above will qualify for that amount of credit or the possibility of financing. You can apply for financing with your physician online or with companies like credit care, that deals with loans for health care needs.

How much does Lap Band Surgery Cost in other countries?

how much does lap band surgery cost

How much does Lap Band Surgery cost?

Some people that have inquired “how much does lap band surgery cost?” have felt it was almost impossible to get the lap band at an affordable price once they did their research. More and more Americans are traveling out of the country to get medical procedures like the lap band performed at a fraction of the cost, with savings from 50%-60% in countries like China and India.

If you have asked the questions “how much does lap band surgery cost?” and found it to be unaffordable or have been denied by your insurance company, you can also apply for Medicaid or Medicare, depending on if you meet the qualifications for either federally funded health insurance program.