Lap Band Cost Without Insurance: Effective but Costly

For many people struggling with obesity, lap band surgery may be the only option available that can successfully get them on the right path to living a healthier lifestyle.  Unfortunately for those trying to afford the lap band cost without insurance, it may be impossible with prices ranging from 17, 00$-30,000 depending on where you live and the surgeon you choose.

Lap Band Cost without Insurance: The Alternatives

Although the lap band procedure has been found to be highly effective in helping those individuals that are morbidly obese lose weight, it is also one of the most costly bariatric surgeries available. Because of the popularity of this procedure, there are insurance companies out there that will pay part or all of the cost of the procedure. The lap band cost without insurance is staggering and leaves the individual with limited options. Paying in cash is one option, but with today’s economy, more and more individuals have difficulty making ends meet, so this option is not realistic for those who are not even able to afford health insurance. Credit is another option for those trying to afford the lap band cost without insurance. In order to pay with credit, you will need a credit rating of at least 650 to qualify. Paying out of pocket for your lap band surgery is tax deductible and can be written off as a medical expense during tax season.

Lap Band Cost Without Insurance: The last option

Another and final option for those people trying to afford the lap band cost without insurance, is financing plans that are offered by some surgeons or you can go through financing companies such as Care Credit to find out if you qualify.  lap band cost without insurance

Lap Band Cost without Insurance: Medical tourism

Many people that cannot afford the lap band cost without insurance are making the journey to countries such as: India, Costa Rica, Mexico and China to have this medical procedure done.  Countries like India will charge a price of 2,500 to perform the surgery in comparison to 17,000 the lowest cost of this procedure performed in America.

There are certainly risks involved when going to another country to seek medical care. Some of the facilities in other countries, such as china and India will have facilities that utilize outdated machinery, or are understaffed, leaving the patient to receive poor medical care during their period of recovery. There have been reports of leading surgeons having their assistants or junior surgeons preform the actual surgery once the initial consultation has been done. Because American’s will be recovering from a major surgery, their immune systems will also be weak and susceptible to disease and infection while recovering in a foreign country.

Some of these medical facilities will make it more appealing for Americans looking for ways to afford the lap band cost without insurance by including the price of airfare and room and board in the package deal they provide for lap band surgeries.  lap band cost without insurance