Lap Band in Mexico: Crossing the Border for Affordable health care

In American, over 190 million Americans are obese or overweight, with 49.9 million Americans living without health insurance. Obesity is one of the leading causes of death in America, primarily due to cardiovascular failure. With statistics like these, it’s no wonder that medical tourism has significantly increased over the past few years. Here we will discuss why so many American are crossing borders to receive a lap band in Mexico as opposed to having the procedure performed in America.

Lap Band in Mexico: Why so many Americans take the Risk

For those uninsured individuals struggling with obesity, receiving a lap band in Mexico is frequently considered due to Mexico charging only the fraction of the cost for this procedure. American Surgeons will charge a rate of 17,000$-30,000$ just for the surgery, with Mexico charging 3,000$-8,500$ for the procedure, including a three day hospital stay for recovery time and any adjustments needed to the lap band in that period.  lap band in mexico

It is recommended a potential patient choose their surgeon in Mexico based on the cost the surgeon is charging for the procedure. Those charging the minimum may be doing so due to their poor reputation and quality of care. The price range of between 9,000$-10,000$ is what the most reputable surgeons in Mexico will charge.

There are also people known as medical tourism brokers, who will book appointments for patients online, for any surgeon that is available and will not book the surgeon of your choice. The medical tourism brokers receive payment for each patient that is booked.

Lap Band in Mexico: What to expect from the facilities

In Mexico, the standards of their medical facilities are much lower than that of America’s.  It’s highly recommended that potential patients take a tour of the medical facility where their procedure is to take place, to insure the facility is clean and is using equipment that is up-to-date technology-wise.

There have been several reports from American’s seeking to receive a lap band in Mexico of medical facilities in the country being below American standards as far as the cleanliness of the facilities and use of outdated technology.

Lap Band in Mexico: Why it’s so tempting

Not only does the initial cost of the lap band in Mexico come off as appealing to those American’s searching for a more affordable solution, but the extra’s included in the price of surgery make it seem too good to be true. Several surgeons will advertise the following extra’s that are included when you choose to undergo the Lap band in Mexico procedure: your surgery, anesthesiologist, Courtesy ride to and from the airport, free follow-up care with your surgeon, financing with low monthly payments, pre-op testing and dietary counseling, room and board for the patient and family members.  lap band in mexico

With the low cost of surgery for a lap band in Mexico and the added free extra’s, an individual getting the lap band procedure performed in Mexico is looking at a savings of 50% to 60% percent than what It would cost if the procedure was performed in America.