Lap Band in Mexico: Medical Tourism

Lap band surgery is an option for those who are morbidly obese to get a new lease on life. This surgery has a high success rate, with patients losing up to a 100 pounds their first year after surgery. Unfortunately, with today’s economy this surgery isn’t affordable for everyone and some insurance companies may outright refuse to pay for part or any of the procedure. This is why getting the lap band in Mexico has become a popular option, due to the significant price difference and extra’s included in the procedure cost. Here we will discuss the safety aspects as well as the benefits of getting your lap band in Mexico.

Lap Band in Mexico: What are the health risks?

In the past several years, a new trend known as medical tourism has come into play; this term is in reference to the mass amount of people that will visit another country for the express purpose of receiving medical treatments and procedures due to the lower cost. Today, over fifty countries can claim medical tourism as a big part of their industry.  lap band in mexico

While the price for a lap band in Mexico is significantly lower than the medical costs in America, there is no guarantee you will receive the excellent care and treatment you deserve if you undergo this procedure in another country. If there are any complications that arise from the surgery and your surgeon is at fault, legally you will have no recourse and will be unable to sue for malpractice. You may even end up having to pay an additional cost to have a surgeon in American correct any issues in your lap band made from the surgeon in Mexico.

There have been reports of patients undergoing the lap band procedure in Mexico and having the procedure performed by the surgeons assistant instead of the lead surgeon that was initially supposed to perform the surgery.  There are also reports of poor aftercare and unsanitary hospitals where patients are forced to recover, which can obviously increase the risk of complications and infections in a non-sterile environment.

Lap Band in Mexico: When you run out of options

With all the health issues and complications at stake, why do so many Americans still receive a lap band in Mexico? Price, desperation and determination is what drives people to seek less than quality procedures. In America, the price for a lap band can cost anywhere from 17,000-30,000. For a lap band in Mexico, prices can be as low as 3,000$ and as high as 8,500$. To lure more Americans into this low cost procedure even further, some physicians will also advertise the price for the lap band in Mexico to also include room and board for the patient and their family while the patient recovers from surgery.  lap band in mexico

Lap Band in Mexico: Is it worth the risks?

Overall, many Americans that are suffering from obesity and seeking a lap band in Mexico do so because their insurance fails to cover any or all of the expenses or they may not even have insurance and find themselves out of options due to their own financial issues. These are Americans that need to lose weight in order to lead healthier lives and find getting a lap band in Mexico is the only solution that will enable them to do so.